It’s that time of year again; where did the year go?

inovia handles the 3rd largest volume of PCT applications at the national stage, according to an MIP Ranking in October ’09.  The countries our clients filed into for 2009 broke down by the following ranking:

1. China – 11%

2. Europe – 10%

3. Canada and Japan – 9%

5. Australia and India – 8%

7. Brazil – 6%

8. Korea – 5%

9. Mexico, South Africa, Russia and USA – 4%

The <4% countries included Singapore, New Zealand, Israel and Malaysia.

Look for a future post with a break-down by Industry type against country selection(s).

One Response to PCT Applications – Top national stage countries for 2009

  1. George Felice says:

    Roughly 80% of our clients are US-based, so the US numbers are very low.

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